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South Georgians pray for troops

March 26, 2003

Lowndes County - Military personnel and spouses are gathering at Moody's chapel to pray for U.S. troops.

Base Chaplain Gary Perry says church services have been full since troops began deploying several months ago. "We want our troops to come home safe, so we're praying for them, our leaders, and the Iraqi people and leaders also," said Perry.

It's not just a full house on base. Churches all over Valdosta and Lowndes County have been filled with people praying for peace.

Hundreds from all different denominations came together at St. John's Catholic Church this week to pray for a quick end to the war. "We can't all be over there helping our troops right now, but praying is the only thing we can do here to protect them," said Ronnie Mathis, Pastor.

For military spouses like Talia Sullivan, prayer services make the time apart a little easier to bear. "The services help a lot, along with the support from the base community and the prayers of the people here at St. John's," said Sullivan.

Sullivan is six months pregnant, and her husband just left for the Middle East this week. Her special prayer is that he'll return home safe and in time to see the birth of their first child. "Our faith gets us through it, and we think he'll be back before the baby's born," said Sullivan.

With prayers from this service and thousands of others all over the world, military families are confident God will hear their requests and bring their loved ones home safe and soon.

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