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City of Valdosta wants out of landfill business

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By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –  The City of Valdosta wants to get out of the landfill business.

A private company will take over a 34-acre landfill site that the city currently pays to maintain.

Veolia Environmental Services will also make the landfill more environmentally friendly. The landfill will soon no longer be a liability to the City of Valdosta.

"The city is really getting out of the landfill business. This is one of our remaining landfills that we must provide ongoing monitoring due to the fact the landfill is not lined," said John Whitehead III, Deputy City Manager for Operations.

It costs the city $20,000 a year to maintain the landfill. This includes methane and groundwater monitoring.

"This should give the landfill adequate capacity for years," said Whitehead.

It's the first landfill reclamation project in the state. City Council approved an easement agreement with Veolia.

"The city was kind enough to allow us access to their property which gives us access to our property that's behind the site,"  said A. J. Rodgers, Veolia Area Manager.

Veolia will be moving the old garbage from the city's closed landfill to its Evergreen site. Once the garbage is removed they will line the old landfill and prepare it to meet the Environmental Protection Division Standards.

He says the costs to move the garbage is approximately $6 million. Expanding the landfill also includes constructing this administrative building and a this road that runs behind it. 

"There will be zero waste generated as a result of constructing this building" said Rodgers.

Rodgers says this will be one of the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Certified buildings, also known as LEED, in Lowndes County.  

The landfill still belongs to the city.  It will soon be deeded to the Deep South Solid Waste Management Authority and then to Veolia.

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