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Identity theft warning when you service your car

March 25, 2003

Albany -- Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators warn you to safeguard against identity theft while having your car serviced. 41 year old Alvin Bell of Albany has been arrested and charged with 7 counts of stealing checks and identity theft.

Bell worked at a car service business in Albany. Investigators say he was stealing personal and business checks out of customer's cars. They have 9 victims so far, with over 30 thousand dollars in forged checks reported.

Charges are also pending against him in 14 counties across Georgia where he cashed the stolen checks.

 Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigator Lt. Craig Dodd said "Some businesses had left whole 3 ring binders full of business checks in the car. He would just pop it open, went back and got 6 or 7 pages of 3 checks each. Closed it back up and put it back exactly like it was. So they never knew they were gone for some time."

Bell was using the identity's of two of his victims to cash the stolen checks.

Sheriff's investigators warn you to secure all your valuables that you keep in your car, like checks, credit cards, wallets, purses, and especially guns, when having your car serviced.

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