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Road conditions improve with help from crews

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The roads were slick Friday night with all the snow and ice. But Saturday was a different story. Several road crews worked overnight to keep the roads safe.

The Southwest Georgia winter wonderland has melted away. And surprisingly, the icy roads were not as treacherous as some expected.

"It wasn't too bad," explains Sgt. Lee Reynolds of the Dougherty County Police. "It could have been a lot better but fortunately the snow stopped during the night and that helped."

By 8:00 am Saturday, the Georgia Department of Transportation reported that all federal and state routes in the area were open and passable. But DOT crews continued to check overpasses and bridges for any recurring snow and ice throughout the day.

"I came on duty this morning and we had some icy roads," continued Reynolds. "We had to get some bridges sanded, things like that."

Dougherty County police say road conditions would have been a lot worse if not for crews that worked around the clock.

"Public works has always been there to support us. We've had good response from them. Any time we call them, Public Works comes out to us."

Over 140 Department of Transportation Maintenance employees and support personnel began preparations for icy conditions 24 hours before the first snow fell. Then continued to work through the night to make sure the roads stayed safe.

"Last night was real messy. We got a lot of snow and ice in our area."

The crews did such a good job that the Dougherty County police, along with several other counties, reported no accidents caused by the rare winter weather. And while some wish the snow had stuck around a little longer, others have a different feeling towards it.

"Are you just glad it's over with now?" we asked Reynolds. His reply? "Yes ma'am I am!"

And if history repeats itself, he won't have to worry for another snow and ice-filled night for about 40 years in Southwest Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports no federal or state routes are closed at this time in Southwest Georgia.


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