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10 Country: Teena’s War Flag

March 25, 2003

The war with Iraq hits very close to homes in Southwest Georgia, with some families deciding to remember their loved ones in a special. 

As coalition forces try to quickly sew up Baghdad, Teena Henderson shows her concern for service men and women in her sewing room. “It’s almost like a little prayer time because I think thoughts are prayers,” says Teena.

Prayers especially for her only son, Hank, an Army officer who will leave a wife and eight-month old son behind when he gets transferred from Fort Polk, Louisiana to either Kuwait or Iraq.

Her son doesn’t know when he will have to go to the Middle East, but she’s already making plans for the day he does leave. “I’ll hang it up the day he leaves the country and take it down when he returns,” says Teena.

 A homemade remembrance of white, red and blue cloth to make a Blue Star Service Flag made popular in World War II. Families of military servicemen put one in their windows to remind friends and neighbors of their loved ones at war. The flag was an ideal way to express her concern.

“When I’m sewing I think of Hank.” She thinks of military equipment used in war. “Kind of reminds me of the wheels of the tanks turning over and over.”

With the needle she’d like to personally use on Saddam Hussein. “I would like to stitch his mouth together.”

While she can’t get her hands on Saddam, she can make a special flag to let everyone know that she has a son involved in operation “Iraqi Freedom” while relieving some of her worry at the same time. “I get a lot of problems worked out when I use my hands like this.”

She doesn’t know of anyone else making such a flag that took her about 90-minutes to put together. “It’s just a matter of assembly and putting it together.” And five dollars' worth of cloth. “I’ll put it up the day Hank leaves the country and I’ll take it down the day he returns.”

A legendary way of remembering a loved one at war. “Isn’t that going to be pretty?” Were family members shoulder a big part of the worry back home. Some American Legion posts sell Blue Star Service Flags for those who do not want to make their own.

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