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Flights are canceled at Southwest Georgia Regional Airport

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By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – All of the snow in the Southeast has caused havoc at the nations airports, including right here in Albany.

On most days you can hop a flight from Albany to Atlanta and go anywhere in the world. Except for Friday. Two of the three total flights from Southwest Georgia Regional Airport were canceled. And for travelers who were thinking of trying to leave Saturday morning, think again.

"We know that the first outbound tomorrow morning, Saturday morning has already been canceled," said Yvette Ahele, Director of the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

All of the cancellations made the airport a very quiet place Friday. Empty waiting and screening areas greeted the few visitors to the terminal. If the snow continues to accumulate, even more drastic measures might have to be taken.

"If we do get a snow accumulation, we might have to close the airport, depending on how much the accumulation is; if it actually sticks to the runway," said Ahele.

Part of the problem locally is the lack of equipment to handle wintry weather.

"We do not have a snow removal plan or equipment," said Ahele.

And that's no surprise since the kind of snow that we saw on Friday is quite rare. Albany's airport is not the only one in the South which is lacking the necessary tools to handle snow and ice.

Delays and cancellations aren't unique to the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport today. Airport all over the Southeast are seeing delays and cancellations as well.

And those delays are causing trouble here in Albany. That's because the flight that comes here from Atlanta went to Atlanta from somewhere else. And if that airport is experiencing delays: "we could be facing more delays or cancellations," said Ahele.

As long as the weather continues to be bad, officials at the airport will be keeping an eye on the forecast.

"We're just going to keep tracking it," said Ahele.

So the only thing that people who are waiting, and waiting, and waiting to leave town can do is be patient. And enjoy their time in Albany, Georgia: the new Winter Wonderland.

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