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Cuthbert sees substantial snow

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Several inches of snow are now on the ground in Cuthbert. It's created a road hazard there. The Sheriff's office says 10 cars have slid off the road Friday. Fortunately, no one has been hurt.

We had a brief moment this afternoon where the snowed slacked off just a bit, but now it is back and with a vengeance. We're here in the parking lot of Andrew College, where the asphalt is being covered up by the snow.

As the flakes started falling, eyes widened in Amazement. In Dawson, people came out to take pictures. Some children, like 9-year-old Dontavious Carter got to experience snow for the very first time.  "It's cool. I think it's nice."

And even those who had seen it here before, way back when, were in for a treat. Bonnie Smith said, Farther west, in Cuthbert, snow ball fights took place in the square. 

And snowmen were formed as statues in honor of this winter wonderland. Coronda Williams has seen snow before, but never like this, not in Cuthbert. "This is my first time seeing it like this and I love it."

Playing with the family, and enjoying a rare treat.  "This is just an amazing day for me. I'm loving it."

But the roads are another story.  This beautiful white wonder, can also turn treacherous. Sandra Willis saw someone slip off the road.  "She went off the road, and almost went into a pond. It was by the grace of God that she made it."

And that's why Sanda won't be staying out on the roads.  "I'm going home."

While DOT crews were out clearing highways, there's no way they can clear all this snow off the roads, so it's in your best interest to be the one who gets off them.

 There are no road closings or bridges that have ice on them at this time, but DOT crews and law enforcement will be out tonight checking road conditions.

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