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Western part of 10 Country sees snow first

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

Cuthbert, GA (WALB) –  The snow started falling around 8:00 this morning in the western most counties in South Georgia.

As our crews drove west the snowfall was heavier. By lunchtime in Randolph County, everything was blanketed in white. It was a snow day turn play day in the square in Cuthbert.

Instead of carrot noses, the snowmen donned ties and even hats. This group of teenage girls got cold and soaked through playing in the snow, but they didn't seem to mind. Just outside of town, along Highway 82, we found families in full on snowball warfare.

"It's fun, 'cause you get to play in snow, make angels and snowmen," said Timothy Butts.

I even taught gave this crew a little tip on making a snowman. Two year old little Jay liked the snow, and had fun romping around with the dog.

And 16-year old Nafisah Williams is enjoying something she's never experienced before. "To me, it's great. This is my first time that it ever snowed in Cuthbert and I like it, it's fun."

But it's not all fun and games. When we headed back into Cuthbert, the snow had accumulated on the roads, making them dangerous for travel. Sandra Willis saw some of that danger first hand. "18 wheeler ran off the road and then a car passed us real fast and we got down farther and it was off the road."

Most of the wrecks that are happening involve cars sliding off the roads, because they are going to fast or slide on the slippery mess. There is a lesson to learn. "Get out the snow. Go home. It's bad out here and slow down if you got to be out in it."

And while Department of transportation crews are out, clearing highways the best they can, they won't be able to clear all this slush off the roads.

 The roads are dangerous during this winter storm. D.O.T. Crews are to try to keep roads safe. But it's a good idea if you don't have to drive, stay off the roads.

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