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Berrien business owner offers rewards for beavers

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email  
BERRIEN COUNTY, GA (WALB) -They're wanted dead or alive, preferably dead.  Beavers are a growing problem in south Georgia.

A Berrien County business owner wants to offer rewards to people who kill beavers.

He presented a contest idea to County Commissioners.

Berrien Public works says beavers cost the county more than 100-thousand dollars in damages last year. 

Buddy Pafford says beavers in Berrien have multiplied and gotten too destructive. He says they eat up corn and peanuts, kill trees, and their dams can cause flooding in people's yards and on highways.

"If they knew when to quit they'd be very beneficial but they don't know when to quit," said Pafford.

He says they've also done damage to his property and says this is an example of destruction caused by beavers off the Adel Highway.

"This is destruction they can do because of when this gush of water goes across a major highway it washes out the highway, culverts and the roadway all together," said Pafford.

The county says contracting eradication is too much money.

"We came up with an idea maybe we could do a contest to where we can get the young folks in our county to be competitive and take the beavers out at a fair and moderate cost to the tax payers," said Pafford.

Bowhunter's, Pafford's business only wants the tails as proof of the kill from Friday to May. Commissioners are contributing $500 towards the first place prize.

Many do not agree with the contest.

 "You just opened up a flood gate of all kinds of people that's going to go out there and kill these beavers, cut their tails off, and go up there and get a bounty for them. That's senseless," said Griffin.

Gene Griffin says he knows the beavers cause some damage.

"But they still need to go about doing it the right way not just putting a bounty on these beavers," said Griffin.

Pafford says the beaver population has gotten out of control.

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