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Family cat found with arrow through his back

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TIFTON, GA (WALB) –An unusual case of animal cruelty in Tift County. Someone shot a cat with an arrow. The family thinks someone in their neighborhood is responsible. They hope whoever did it will admit it.

Meet Tom, the five year old family cat with a whole lot of personality, and a whole lot of strength.

"He's got the exit wound and entry wound where that arrow was lodged in him," said Dr. Branch.

For being able to survive a cruel and unnecessary act, that could have taken his life.

"He's healing nicely and his infection seems to be under control," said Dr. Branch.

Dr. Larry Branch has seen a lot through the years working as a veterinarian but he's never a case quite like Tom's.

"For any creature, human or animal with a weapon still impaled in his body that's pretty shocking," said Dr. Larry Branch.

Branch was called to the home of the Hancock family, who had made a shocking discovery.

"Tom was sitting at the bottom of the steps with an arrow through him," said Michael Hancock, Tom's owner.

"He had been found like that on Tuesday, three days before. Attempts had been made to catch him and bring him in for health care but he got away and he hadn't been found for three days," said Dr. Branch.

Dr. Branch found Tom, hiding under the family's SUV and had to sedate him to bring him in for surgery.

"The fact that he had the arrow in him for three days and he was able to sit up and look at me like that was a good sign that he hadn't punctured a lung or something that serious," said Dr. Branch.

Thankfully, Dr Branch says the arrow only punctured muscle and bones but no vital organs.

"I think Tom is going to completely recover from this but in the process, I hope he gets out a message you don't treat cats and dogs like this," said Dr. Branch.

"I was very upset for my children this is not just a cat this is my children's pet," said Hancock.

Tom's owner says he normally spent 90 percent of his time inside but after this incident he won't go outside again.

Hancock believes someone living close to his home intentionally hurt his cat. He also thinks the person who shot the arrow tried to take the arrow out because the end was broken off and could have not have been shot like that.

Tift County Sheriff's investigators say if they find out who committed this cruel act they will face charges.

If you have any information call Tift County Sheriff's Office at  229-388-6020

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