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Law officers search from sky and ground for missing FL woman

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

PAVO, GA (WALB) - Law officers and helicopters launched a search in Thomas County today for a missing Florida woman.

21-year old Danielle Brown of Leon County Florida disappeared last Friday.

Her car was found Monday near a refuse site in Pavo.

A helicopter circled the sky over the small town of Pavo while law enforcement on the ground searched for any clues that might lead them to a missing woman from Florida.

"We're trying to find Danielle and we're doing everything we possibly can to do that," said Pavo Police Chief Sydney Turner.

Danielle T. Brown was last seen Friday leaving her home in Florida. On Monday, Pavo police recovered her burned car at this dump site. An arson investigation led police to Elijah James, now in custody at the Leon County Jail.

"We're hoping to find some pieces that might fit into this puzzle that would help us to get a timeline better on his actions and movements were and where she might be," explained Turner.

Law enforcement from seven counties joined the search.

Searchers were split into three groups to search three different sites, including this dump that is made up of mostly thick brush and trees.

The Leon County Sheriff's office sent a helicopter to search from above.

"In nature, things aren't straight, so straight lines, linear objects, colored objects, these are the kind of things that will catch your eye when looking for something in the woods," said Leon County Sheriff's Deputy Lee Majors.

The Thomas County Sheriff's office also provided an underwater search crew to search a small pond near the dump site.

"We're looking for her," said Turner. "That's what we're looking for and we hope we find her alive. That would be great."


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