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Anti-terrorism drill at MCLB Albany

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The Marine Corps Logistics Base went on lock-down this morning as they carried out a full scale terrorist attack simulation. The scenario was an active shooter on base, similar to what really happened last year at Fort Hood.

In the drill, nine victims were shot and the suspects were then surrounded by law enforcement in a house on the base.

It's a worst case scenario. An active shooter is on the loose, and victims are on the ground. Now the shooter, and his accomplice are holed up in an abandoned house. While this isn't real... it is very realistic, and that's the point.

Deputy Chief Sean Lamonzs said,  "It gives everybody the opportunity to utilize their resources and utilize the training we've all gone under and gives us a clear indication of how we would respond to varying crisis."

They surrounded the house where the suspects were located and tried negotiating with them, even moving in to drop off a phone. We got to speak with the so called terrorists. Tierney Davis said, "We've holed ourselves up here in an abandoned house and are just waiting them out to see what's going to happen."

The point of this drill, is obviously to train employees on how to deal with this type of situation should it ever occur. Max Seneff said, "Prepare the base to all hazards for law enforcement and emergency response."

Moultrie police officers attended so they could have an up front view of a full scale disaster drill. Commander Anthony Ferguson said, "It's going to allow us the opportunity that if it occurs, hopefully it never do, we'll be able to see how this situation is handled and be better prepared to respond in our city and surrounding areas."

So how did they do? George Wolski said, "It's going pretty well, there's a lot of mistakes being made, but this is when you ant to make mistakes."

In order to avoid those mistakes if and when a real life disaster ever occurs. For about an hour today, all gates at MCLB were on lock-down. No one was allowed on or off the base.

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