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Family members pray for their troops

March 24, 2003

Fort Benning- Family and friends bow their heads as they ask God to answer their special prayer... a prayer for peace. "Break through this was, God of peace. End this violence. Touch the hearts of all world leaders so that they yearn and strive to end this conflict," prays one chaplain.

While they pray for peace they also ask God to give strength to the troops as the fight. "We have a very strong faith in God and we know that He is leading our troops and because of that faith we have a lot of confidence in our troops and we know that whatever task is put before them they will complete it," says Tammi Ledbetter.

Even the children send their special messages to God and the troops. "I hope the bad guys surrender and they could finally come home already," says seven year old Sheldon Ledbetter. "You soldiers can do it, you guys can get all the bad people I know you can," adds nine year old Abby Robertson.

Wives say the service is a way to relieve some of the stress while their husbands are away. "Its very beneficial. regardless of everyone's opinions anything that gets us out of the house, gets us going, gets us away from the television, its wonderful to see the support," claims Dana Robertson.

Many say the prayer service not only helps them but shows that others care. "There are many people here that do not have anybody personally over there fighting right now, but they came anyway in support of all of us, and that was very nice to see," admits Theresa Sanchez. Family and friends signed their loved ones names in a special prayer book and took a candle to home to light for the soldiers.

Outward signs of the faith they have the God will answer their prayers for peace and their loved one's safe return.

Chaplains says they will hold special prayers services every night this week for Fort Benning families. They're also extending chapel hours on the base.

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