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Tornado victims need your help

March 24, 2003

Mitchell County - Tornado victims need you're help. Donations in Mitchell County are not coming in fast enough. In fact, GEMA says the donations they started with Monday could fit inside an SUV.

Volunteers are doing what they can with what they've got. Coordinator, Carolyn Lipscomb, tells victims, "No more than what you can use in three days, we don't have much, but you can take what you have."

The warehouse next to Wal-Mart in Camilla, turned into the Adventist Disaster Donated Goods Center. Lipscomb explains, "We are in desperate need, we have nothing on the floor."

Tornado survivors don't have much to grab. Signs of things they need, but nothing on the tables. Survivor, Rosalyn Mendez says, "They say to get a three day supply. Now we don't have the funds coming in. So we can't get the quantity we need. We need something left for the other families."

The Mendez family lost everything and are living out of cardboard boxes. Lipscomb has never seen the supply level this low. She says, "We have never have felt the need we do now. In 2000, we had semi-trucks lined up and we had a warehouse full by the third day."

Think about what you need day to day, like toothbrushes and soap, that's what victims are looking for. Mrs. Mendez says, "In time of despair, you would feel like more people would bond together."

The center wants to fill the tables with canned food, bottled water, personal hygiene products, baby supplies, cleaning products and tools. In three more days, victims can come back to get more.

Donations can be dropped off at the warehouse next to Wal-Mart on Highway 19, north of Camilla. GEMA also needs volunteers with chainsaws and clean-up equipment.

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