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Were students' test answers altered by faculty or staff?

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By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Dougherty schools come in second worst in the state's test cheating investigation. 

All 22 Dougherty schools where Criterion Reference Competency Tests are administered are on the list of possible cheating. Eight of our elementary schools are classified as severe.  

That means that an unusually high number of incorrect answers were erased and changed to correct answers in 25% or more of the classrooms in each of the schools.

The eight schools were auditors believe test answers were changed in 25% of more of the classrooms are:

Sherwood Acres


Alice Coachman


Martin Luther King


Jackson Heights


At Westtown, auditors question the integrity of tests in 77% of the classrooms. The findings of the statewide audit into possible test cheating were released to the state School Board in Atlanta.    

State Board of education members listened intently as evidence of CRCT tampering was presented by the Georgia's office of student achievement Wednesday.    

Dougherty county had 8 of 22 schools flagged as severe, due to erasure changes of answers from wrong to right.  Fourteen of the 22 are in the moderate or severe range. Twenty schools in Dougherty county are rated above the state average, 4%.     

State school superintendent Kathy Cox painted a picture that statewide allegations are small.   She had trouble answer questions about Dougherty county's performance.

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