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Dougherty school scores examined by state

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Dougherty County School Administrators say they're devastated by the revelations from the state. They feel the district's been painted with a broad brush and they're calling for their own independent investigation.

says she simply needs more information than what the state is already providing to get the bottom of what's happen at the district's 22 schools. She's requested the tests in question be provided to an outside group to be investigated further.

Dougherty County School Administrators say teachers follow protocol during testing and always have proctors in the room.

"They are required to keep all tests both the books and answers documents under lock and key at all times," said DCSS Test Coordinator Renee Bridges. "Teachers are to check them out on a daily basis and check them back in immediately upon the conclusion of the test."

After that they're locked inside a vault, where only the testing coordinator and principal have access. Administrators admit some erasing is done to clear up marks.

"As a system, we've always under the appropriate supervision made sure that we've cleaned up those booklets," said retiring Superintendent Dr. Sally Whatley.

Whatley won't say how many times it's happened, but did admit teachers have been dismissed or fired over improper testing procedures.

"It may be providing too much assistance to children or going above and beyond the what the administration, providing too much assistance to children or going above and beyond the appropriate instructions for a teacher to do. It may be changing documents."

But with 20 schools said to have moderate or severe erasure issues, she feel's the system has been unfairly painted with a broad brush.

"To instantly say they're improprieties I think is grossly unfair," said Dr. Whatley.

She's pushing to have an outside group review those tests again and provide the system with more information why so many test may have been changed. 

Dr. Whatley said if it's found school professionals made changes to tests, their actions will be dealt with severely, including the filing of criminal charges.

When CRCT exams are given after spring break the system will be required to have state monitors watching in the eight schools where there were severe concerns. In the 14 other schools there will be random spot checks by state monitors.

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