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Tifton Police form Burglary Suppression Unit

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) –Over the past few months, police in Tifton have been busy dealing with an overwhelming amount of residential burglaries.

Police say because there have been so many burglaries in such a short period of time, they decided to form a "Burglary Suppression Unit" to get a handle on the problem.

Captain Raymond Drennon has worked at the Tifton Police Department for more than 20 years but says he can't remember a time when burglaries were this bad.

"In the month of December we had 51 burglaries, astonishing for the city limits of Tifton," said Drennon.

In two short months, 85 burglaries were reported to police. A number officers say is extremely high, even for the holiday season.

"I think we had a few select groups of folks that decided we are going to be burgers right now and it all just happened at once," said Drennon.

So police decided to take action, forming a temporary "Burglary Suppression Unit" to get a handle on the problem.

"We divided the geographical areas to the different officers and they weren't answering calls the only thing they worked on was burglaries," said Drennon.

 For 12 days, four uniform officers and one detective rode around the streets, 8 hours at a time, focusing on clearing the streets of buglers.

"When you ride for 8 hours and that's all you do you may not answer a call all day that gets tiring," said Drennon.

Police say all of a sudden, the burglaries were cut drastically, thanks to an added police presence and community involvement.

"One particular person called in we cleared four burglaries off it, chased the person down made an arrest recovered the property," said Drennon.

In the 12 days the unit rode the streets only 6 burglaries were reported.

"Flat screen TV's seem to be the biggest thing. Last count we had 20 to 30 of them stolen. We actually recovered some that we don't know where they came from,"said Drennon.

Police say the believe they have some of the major players behind bars but they don't believe they have all those responsible.

Police advice people to go to the valuable items in their home such as TV's and DVD players and write down the serial numbers. It will make that item unique, and easier to track down if it is ever stolen.

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