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Sending off the troops

March 24, 2003

TIFTON- Moving up in the ranks, 14 members of the 377th Quartermaster Company in Tifton get long awaited promotions, in front of their proud, but nervous families.

"It's tense very tense," mother Pauline Barron said. "I got the jitters because I've never had a son go anywhere," Diane Barrett said.

Barrett's son is one of 135 Army reservists leaving for Fort Stewart Tuesday. If then sent to the Gulf, the 377th would be a support group, refueling Army equipment and providing generators. Over the weekend another support groups killing and capture was all over the television, but many soldiers weren't watching.

"Not really familiar with that," Samantha Newson said. Michael Pickett added, "I've been trying not to watch either, I don't even want to look at it."

Parents like Barron already are. "Been looking at news a lot, everybody's in danger."

Each of these families preparing to spend one last night with their loved ones, before the reservists go to Fort Stewart, to ready for war. The city of Tifton is planning a sendoff for The 377th Quartermaster Company at 9:30 Tuesday morning. The parade will follow 2nd and Main Streets.

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