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South Georgia flies flags, yellow ribbons

March 24, 2003

Albany-- For most people, hanging up a yellow ribbon or flying the American flag is the only way they can support the troops overseas.

Bettye Jackson put up her flag this morning. It's flying outside her daycare center in South Albany. Bettye Jackson says, "Today was so bright and pretty so I thought that no other better time than to hang the flag in honor and memory of support."

Shop owner Mike Doyal has a red, white and blue ribbon hanging outside his store. He did something similar during the Gulf War to show his support, but says he has not noticed as many people flying the colors this time around, "Well I've noticed a few people doing it I haven't seen as many as the Gulf War."

Mike Doyal ordered extra flags and yellow ribbons for his wholesale store last week. He says he has sold a lot more of these items to customers recently.

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