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Military baby stays with Albany grandparents

^Chloe and her grand parents ^Chloe and her grand parents
^Private First Class Bobby Jackson Jr. ^Private First Class Bobby Jackson Jr.
^Chloe's mother, Specialist Elizabeth Towler ^Chloe's mother, Specialist Elizabeth Towler

March 24, 2003

Dougherty Co. -- The baby's father has been in Kuwait since November. Her mother expects to be deployed to the Middle East anyday.

 Grandparents Bobby and Beverly Jackson of Albany are keeping Chloe while her parents serve. Beverly and Bobby Jackson spend most of their days watching the news from the Middle East, and looking after their granddaughter, Chloe.

Beverly Jackson said "She is a great baby, happy all the time. She has really adapted well. I don't know how we will adapt when it's time to go back to her parents."

Her father, Private First Class Bobby Jackson, Jr. is with the Army's 101st Airbourne, doing maintenance on Patriot Missles. He has been in Kuwait since November. Chloe's mother Specialist Elizabeth Towler is also with the 101st, but remains at Fort Bliss in Texas recovering from surgery. She expects to be shipped out soon.

Beverly Jackson said "I know it gives them peace to know she is here with us, safe and loved."

 Both Jackson's admit they are frightened, but staunchly support the war. Bobby Jackson said "This war is not about oil, it's about babies like this one. So they can grow up free."

 The Jackson's are not sure how long Chloe's parents will serve, but she will remain with them until they do.

Beverly said " I hope they are home soon, as soon as the job is done."

 Bobby Jackson Jr. graduated from Dougherty High School, and then enlisted in the Army in 1994.

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