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Albany firefighters get homeland security training

March 24, 2003

Albany --Two Albany firefighters have returned after a week's training in chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks. Captain Allen Cravey and Lt. Ron Rowe spent 5 days in Homeland Security training at Fort McClellan near Anniston Alabama.

They were taught how to determine the kind of terrorist attack, and how to react to different emergency situations.

 Lt. Ron Rowe said "We realize now that we have been attacked in our homeland it's very important for first responders to understand what we need to do and must do is become trained in the weapons of mass destruction area. Because we are the ones who are going to be responding when someone calls."

 Captain Allen Cravey said "And in the fire service we're trained to rush in there and take care of the situation as quick as possible. We're having to learn through this to back up, slow down, let's see what we've got and take the appropriate actions to take care of it."

The Albany firefighters were part of a 47 member class, including police, EMS, and health officials from 16 states. Now they will teach local first responders the training they learned.

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