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Surviving brother speaks following fatal train car collision

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) –A horrific car crash involving a train has shocked folks Tifton.

Two brothers were killed Sunday on their way to church. The surviving brother remains hospitalized.

Carlisa Dawson says it's her faith that gives her strength to get by.

"God givith God taketh away, blessed be the name of the lord," said Dawson.

But nothing prepares a mother for the loss of two of her children at once.

"Someone said the train hit somebody, being a mother I said that's my children," said Dawson.

17-year old Alex Dawson was driving his twin brother Austin and his younger brother Al Jr. to church Sunday morning.

"I was stopping before the rails came down on my car and it just felt like a pull like I was being pulled closer to the tracks," said Alex.

But that's when the unthinkable happened.

"My brothers, they were screaming at me telling me to go but I couldn't go everything locked down and then the train hit," said Alex.

The train hit the passenger side of their car. 17-year old Austin and 15 year old Al Jr. were killed.

"He could have take all three of them but he spared me one of them for what reason I don't know," said Carlisa Dawson.

"When the train hit the car all I remember is the train hitting the car,"

"When they told me that train had hit them I couldn't cry I couldn't even shed a tear I could barely even open up my mouth," said Carlisa.

But, Dawson has faith she and her family will get through this tragedy,

"Truly in my heart, I'm going to miss my boys being the mother that I am and my husband being the father that he is I know my boys are going to be with the Lord," said Carlisa.

And she wants people to know how special her boys were.

"My boy Austin they called him at school, A-train, he was the clown of our family, Al Jr. he was the girls lover boy he loved cell phones shoes hats," said Carlisa.

"Carlisa and Alton they did a good job raising those boys I know they are truly missed," said Jeniece Cullins.

Jeniece Cullins knows how special the boys were. Today, she stopped at the tracks to pray.

" I rode over this track five or six times yesterday but on my way back just then the holy spirit said stop..just stop and pray," said Cullins.

But she hopes, when Carlisa sees a train, its not the horn she hears,

"She will hear the sound of music, sweet music," said Cullins.

And when she drives over the tracks, she wont feel a loss.

"She will know her babies are with Jesus," said Cullins.

The accident is currently under investigation.

Investigators from the Federal Railroad Administration were at the scene today.

They say the signals were operating properly.

Carlisa Dawson says the route her boys were taking to church was not the normal route and she has no idea why they chose to go that way.

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