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Army National Guard training prepares troops to serve U.S.

 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Army National Guard soldiers performed marksmanship training at MCLB Saturday. They shot simulator weapons in different scenarios like ambushes and clearing buildings.

Sgt. Eric Lashley says they also practice squad movements to stay low during battle. Sight alignment drills also help troops hold a steady shot over a long distance.

Most everyone enjoyed the pugil training. It's the worst scenario soldiers want to be in when their  weapon runs out of bullets. Troops use the pugil as a weapon to fight with. If they hit the kill spot on their opponent's vest or helmet they receive a point. My opponent Deanna Kennedy already knows the drill and she was easy on me.

"It teaches you stances and how to be quicker and think fast," said Kennedy. "It can be tough. I've been hit so hard before I saw stars."

Kennedy plans to go to her unit in Bainbridge where the Guard will pay for her education. The National Guard also pays for Jarrell Seay's on the job training.

"You shoot M4s and M16s and you get a pay check," said Seay. "I joined to see how I could take military life and training. I love it."

He'll eventually go to an Army Unit in Savannah where he'll prepare to fight in the infantry division.  Several men and woman will graduate from National Guard training in March. They will head off to basic training and many will prepare for active duty in the coming months.

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