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S. Georgians take their minds off of war

March 22, 2003

Albany- Parents and children saluted in silence as they listened to the Star Spangled Banner during the Dixie League Baseball opening ceremony. A song that parents say touches them in a special way because the country is at war.

"Oh, I was about to cry," says Heather Coleman.

"When we were singing the national anthem I did shed a tear or two because we are at war and singing our national anthem it was very touching. I guess it meant more today than any other time I sang it," adds Erin Crosby.

Far away from the battlefield, its the baseball field that on these kids minds. And that's exactly where they're parents want their kids minds to be.

"Children don't understand what's going on right now and they shouldn't they're kids. They need to enjoy their childhood and that's what we're out here doing," exclaims Coleman.

Parents say a friendly game of baseball is helping them cope with war too. "I think this is an excellent situation because at this time you always want to have some type of pleasing mind right now, but of course its still in the back of your mind," says Head Umpire, Henry Hill.

"With the bright blue skies and the sunshine and all of our friends together, yeah, its a great day. They're still in our thoughts though," admits Crosby.

But at least for a few hours these South Georgians can enjoy their Saturday and let the war be miles away.

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