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Albany Toyota replaces recalled gas pedals

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Repairs began Thursday on recalled Toyotas in south Georgia. The Japanese automaker recalled 2.3-million vehicles because of faulty gas pedals that can stick.

Replacement parts are now in at the Albany dealership and mechanics are busy. Toyota of Albany received about 150 new parts Wednesday and more Thursday. The general manager says as long as people keep coming, workers will continue to fix the accelerators.

Parts and Service Director Dennis Vann has been swamped with people coming to get their gas pedals fixed- 35 repairs since Thursday afternoon.

"It's been hectic and phones have been ringing off the hook," Vann said. "Bring it in and we'll get them taken car of. We want to put their minds at ease and let them know Toyota is concerned about safety and we will get this handled as soon as we possibly can."

It takes about 20 minutes to remove the pedal and install the small piece of metal or shim to prevent it from sticking. The shim holds the rub block in place to provide smooth tension when the accelerator is pushed.

General Manager Alan Murphy says out of the millions of Toyotas on the road, he knows of only 50 complaints. He says he's seen gas pedal problems before but no auto maker has ever made such a big deal.

He recommends anyone who owns a Toyota with a recalled gas pedal to come in for a free repair.

"A Toyota owner is not as concerned and we'd like to inspect then fix them and put them on the road," Murphy said.

The service department plans to repair all gas pedals with in the next two weeks. Toyota of Albany is fixing cars on its lot so they can be sold. The GM says there will be a cost involved paying overtime to employees. 

Thursday, Toyota announced its investigating complaints about brake problems on 2010 Prius Hybrids.

Below is the list of recalled Toyotas:

Avalon    VINS beginning with "4TI"   MY 2005-2010

Matrix     VINS beginning with "2T1"  MY 2009-2010

Tundra    VINS beginning with "5TB"  MY 2007-2008

Tundra    VINS beginning with "5TF"  MY 2007-2010

Sequoia  VINS beginning with "5TD"  MY 2008-2010

Camry    VINS beginning with  "4T4"  MY 2007-2010

Camry    VINS beginning with "4T1"    MY 2007-2010

              with CTS accelerator pedal

Corolla   VINS beginning with "1NX"  MY 2009-2010

              and "2T1"

Highlander  VINS beginning with "5TD"  MY 2010

RAV4     VINS beginning with  "2T3"    MY 2009-2010


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