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City Public Works prepares for even more rain

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – More rain is on the way. It's more bad news for areas that have seen far too much rain in the past few months.

Public works crews are already working to try to prevent flooding. With another couple inches of rain, that could be a tough task. Two to four inches of rain in Albany wouldn't typically dictate portable pumps being brought out to drain ponds, so that they can hold more water. But these ponds are already filled to the brim and can't handle any more rainfall.

You may vacuum to keep your house clean. Public works crews vacuum to keep homes dry. Supervisor Billy Williams said, "We're going and clearing out the drains and the debris that continuously flows into the pipes."

Dirt, leaves and trash often clog drains, which means water won't clear off of roadways as quickly as it should. And since we've had so much rain lately, holding ponds are holding all they can. "Well, we came to clear up the pipes and pump out the manhole to keep this pond from overfilling," said Williams.

And public works crews will be out non-stop in the next couple of days checking low-lying areas throughout the city.  Director Phil Roberson said, "This last year we've sort of gone to schoo0l on this event, we know where all the areas are that cause problems, so really nothing new is going to happen, we don't think."

That doesn't mean they won't be busy.  Roberson said, "It'll push us to the limit, but I think we can still handle it, but folks just need to be cautious and aware of their surroundings." Especially if the water around their homes comes too close for comfort.

And if water does come closer to your home than your comfortable with, call public works. While they know where problems typically occur, they are a complaint driven organization, so if you have a concern, call them.

And remember, because the ground is so saturated, it may take a while for water to run off and it could pool on the roads.

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