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Fungus is showing up under more homes

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – 2009 was wetter than normal, and it's more of the same so far this year. That's leading to fungus problems underneath many homes.

Kelly Murphy owns Southern Climate Solutions. In 2008, he serviced about 75 homes, removing humidity and therefore the opportunity for fungus to grow. Since last spring's storms, his business has more than doubled.

Humidity in crawl spaces should be low during the winter, but it's been so wet lately humidity levels under some homes are almost double what they should be.

He said, "Fungus attacks the wood and it actually deteriorates the wood, which breaks down the integrity of the house. It also creates an indoor air quality issue as far as allergies and common household allergies. It will really create problems as far as contaminants in the air, because studies have shown about 80% of the air your breathing actually comes from the crawl space."

Once a moisture barrier and dehumidification system are put in place, it offers a permanent fix for homeowners. If you have hardwood floors that are cupping, you should have your crawl space checked out before you repair your floors.

Southern Climate Solutions will diagnose your home for free.

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