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ASU student thrown out of dorm

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –An Albany State University student is being kicked out of her dorm because a gun was found in her purse on campus.

The 20-year old cheerleader and honor student says she did nothing wrong.

Lauren Andrews has been ordered to move out by Saturday.  She can continue as a student at A-S-U.

On October 26th Andrews left her purse in the lobby of her dorm.

When it was turned in, a 9-millimeter pistol was found inside. She says her boyfriend slipped it into her purse off campus without her knowledge and forgot it.

Andrews went through hearings and appeals with students and faculty and was expelled from the dorm. 

Lauren Andrews said " I have no where to go. I have no financial situation. I've already paid for housing for this semester, and at this point I think it's unfair."

Albany State University President Dr. Everette Freeman said "We have a zero tolerance policy about weapons. Concealed, unconcealed. Known or unknown. If a weapon is on campus it violates student policy."

If A-S-U Police had been called when the gun was turned over to the dorm housing manager, Andrews would have been arrested.

That manager received a written reprimand.

Andrews says she is leaving school and doesn't know if she'll return.

The University offered to refund some housing money.

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