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Arlington family warily watches the weather

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) – It was a nice day on Wednesday weather-wise, but things are about to take a turn for the worse later this week and the ground is already saturated. Which means that many families in our area are going to be on high alert when the rains come. Families like the Hughes from Arlington.

Brenda Hughes runs a daycare from her Arlington home.

"I have six every day," she said.

With plenty of outdoor equipment for the kids to play on she uses the weather forecast everyday. But now, she's paying extra close attention. She's hoping to not see a repeat of the flooding from last Spring.

"It broke through the dike on the front of our property. And, by Wednesday morning it had surrounded our whole home," she said.

In true neighborly fashion, the Hughes got some help from the parents of the children that she watches. But they couldn't keep all of the water out.

"It came in through the air conditioning system," she said.

And the flooding hurt her business as well, forcing it to close for several days.

"I was closed for the remainder of that week," she said.>

In the nearly 10 months since the flood, the Hughes have been searching for answers. But they've gotten nowhere.

"I went to the city council meeting in May and asked for help and they said they were going to get us some help. We had a representative from Sanford Bishop's office come out and he assured us that we could get some help. And to this day, we have not gotten any help."

The problem for the Hughes is a creek that runs adjacent to their property.  When the heavy rains come it backs up and the water winds up in their back yard. Until the problem with the creek is solved - or until the rain stops - they'll have to keep a wary eye on the forecast. And to Brenda, all this rain: "it's very disturbing."

And she'll be hoping that these sandbags won't need to be used again.

We talked to city officials today and they say that they can't clear out that creek because it's on private property but they're not exactly sure who owns the land. There's a city council meeting scheduled for next Tuesday night and the Hughes say that they're planning to attend.

You can track creek and river levels when you click on the Weather portion of our web site. Look for the 'Georgia River and Creek' link.

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