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March to vote remembered

March 21, 2003

Albany's NAACP chapter celebrated the anniversary of two major events from the civil rights movement Friday. They gathered in front of the Government Center to remember the beginning of the Selma March to Montgomery on March 21st, 38 years ago. They say that got the ball rolling for passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. That law made sure minorities weren't denied the right to vote and helped set up majority districts so blacks would have representation.

William Wright, NAACP Education Chairman, said "Now 38 years later we have black majority in state house, city commission and board of education and we are still getting relatively nothing, so evertything has changed but nothing has changed."

The NAACP leaders say for real change in government to take place, Blacks need to be involved in local government and hold elected officials responsible for their actions.

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