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Customers chew the fat about war

March 21, 2003

ALBANY - Restaurants around the country are turning their sets from basketball to bombing runs. The crowds that gather aren't cheering, but quietly they are applauding America's efforts. "We've been following it on TV and keeping up. I think so far coalition been doing pretty good job," Fred Orton said.

"I'm with President Bush all the way," Rachel Cherry said.

For some South Georgians it's a matter of patriotism, but for others it's because of worries about Iraq's weapons and it's leader's unwillingness to compromise.

"If chemical and biological warfare got in wrong hands which it is, think what it could do to us," Jerry Pemberthy said. 

"People don't realize how easy it would be for them to come over and attack us, U.S. is too trusting, to forgiving of people," Connie Jarett said.

What would make Operation Iraqi Freedom a success? To that, there only seems to be one answer. 

"I just hope they get him," Orton said. "Don't let him slip out this time they need to get him," Jarett said.

Debate on whether Saddam is dead or alive, will likely dominate lunchroom conversations for some time, as people continue talking and reading about the war. 

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