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Some won't stay after tornado

^Susie Spooner ^Susie Spooner

March 21, 2003

Camilla- The cleanup continues in Mitchell and Worth Counties after severe weather ripped the areas. One of the hardest hit areas was McNair Road where a number of relatives live very close together.

Now hit twice by tornadoes in three years, some are talking about getting out from what they now call tornado alley.

Susie Spooner sits behind what used to be her house, on NcNair Road. "All of this destruction, the way this is, and we come out alive..." she said.

Thursday morning, she and members of her family lay on the floor as the tornado hit. "I think God for my life."

Spooner's home survived the 2000 Valentine's Day tornado, while next door, Barry Perry's home was destroyed. Three years later, Mother Nature reversed their fates. "I know just how they feel," said Perry. "I lost everything I had, the same way. It's... It's horrible, to lose everything you've got. Some things can't be replaced. "

Eric Moore's mobile was sitting on blocks, but now it rests atop the remains of the house next door. Moore won't rebuild here. "I don't think I'm coming back. I think that's it for me."

Next door, Lucious Kelly's home is also gone, and he's thinking about moving. "I told my mama last night. I ain't running, I'm just relocating, so I'm gonna get out from down there."

But Ms. Spooner will rebuild here, after surviving two twisters. "We're rebuilding, and staying here. This is where we bought."

Is she scared to stay here? "No. I'm not scared to stay here, because I know God is everywhere."

Susie Spooner has lived in her home since 1980. Many of her relatives took shelter in her house. No one was seriously injured.

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