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Taser training delivers a shock

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Dougherty County law enforcers trained with their latest generation of tasers Tuesday afternoon. They'll take the weapons on the streets soon.

The Sheriff and some of his top officers were tased to show the community the less-than-lethal devices are safe but carry a real shock.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul was the first to feel the bite from the new tasers his deputies will soon be using.  Sproul said " Reminded me of the time I accidentally hit a 220 dryer plug by mistake, except it lasted a lot longer."

The Taser X -26 is the latest generation of less than lethal weapons. Firing a barg attached to thin wires up to 25 feet, delivering a 50,000 volt bite.

First generation tasers delivered voltage for pain.  This latest generation attacks the motor nerves in the body, that locks up muscles but without as much pain. Still it is something that people would not want to experience.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Deputies, Court officers, Dougherty County Police , ADDU drug agents all worked with the new taser.  Some learning the hard way that it could carry a charge to them if not properly handled. But Officers know it will make them safer, and hopefully not have to hurt anyone.

Dougherty County Police Lt. Thomas Jackson said "It's going to give us another choice to use less lethal whenever we confront someone who may be combative."

 Sheriff Sproul said "The last thing any law enforcement officer wants to do is to take somebody's life. So this is just another too for us to use to possibly not have to take that life."

Sheriff's Deputies have been carrying tasers for a while, and say just the threat is usually enough.

 Captain Craig Dodd said "All we have to do a lot of times is pull the taser or let them know we are getting ready to use the taser, and most people will submit."

These new tasers have a built in camera that automatically records video and audio when turned on, so that a record of any use can be reviewed.

The new tasers cost about $1500 for the entire set up.

The Sheriff says that's much cheaper than medical bills if a Deputy is injured fighting a suspect.

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