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ARC Thrift Store offers jobs

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By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – You can get a super deal on some household items and clothing this week by shopping at an Albany Thrift Store.  Plus, Every purchase you make supports programs that help people with disabilities.

We all know that second hand and thrift stores offer good deals on every day items. But now you can also give someone a good deal, buying items that help them find work.

There is no question that Mary Cox is a special person.  She said, "I love to work."

And the people she works with, including customers at the ARC Thrift Store, love her. "Every time a donation comes in they want me to help them," she said.

Mary is a hard worker, and enjoys the chores that many of us may scoff at.  She said, "I sweep and mop the floor, I dust. I clean the windows and countertops."

And because of her work, this store is clean. But you can also clean up by coming here.  Matthew Barnes said, "We're having a big blowout winter sale."

The best prices anywhere in town on household and clothing items. And anytime you make a purchase, you'll help those enrolled in the Albany Advocacy Resource Center's programs.  Barnes said, "The purpose of this thrift store is to get individuals with disabilities a chance to work."

Not just here, but at outside agencies, too. Larry Sutton works to help place them with employers.  He said, "People with special needs are very, very reliable and a lot of businesses have problems with turnover and a person with disabilities, on average, given an opportunity is going to stay with the job longer."

Joyce Cresswell is the program director. She says the more people see how loyal and hardworking those with disabilities can be, they'll be more willing to hire them. "The more and more that we become visible in the community, the employers are opening their arms and allowing us to come in so I'm really excited about that."

Excited about giving folks like Mary a chance to work, but you can't have her, she's staying. She said, "I'll be here as long as it be here." Hard at work, in her own special way.

By the way, Mary is also a gold medal winning Special Olympian. You can help Mary and others enrolled in the ARC by shopping at the thrift store at 901 Pine Avenue. The sale runs through February 12th.

If you donate items, you can get a tax write-off. ARC will pick up large items and will also deliver items you buy to your home.

  • More on ARC-
Founded in 1963 to advocate on behalf of persons with mental retardation, Albany ARC
has become one of the largest and most successful private provider agencies in Georgia.
We serve individuals with a wide range of disabilities and supportive living needs.

The program is recognized as Georgia's standard of consumer-driven, cost-effective
services. Albany ARC is visited by national and state advocates and providers seeking to
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Our Mission, Vision and Purpose

Mission: The Advocacy Resource Center is a non-profit organization started in 1963. Its
basic purposes are to promote the general welfare of people with disabilities, wherever
they may be and to foster the development of programs on their behalf.

Vision: All of us at Albany ARC believe it is our duty to see that everyone, regardless of
one's abilities or disabilities should have the same opportunities to enjoy equal rights and

Purpose: Dignity, personal freedom and acceptance. Continually helping persons with
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