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Thomasville cracks down on drugs

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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - There's been a spike in drug arrests in Thomas County this year. Law enforcers say it's partly because they spend a lot of time going after drug offenders. But there's another reason that might surprise you.

The narcotics division at the Thomas County Sheriff's Office has been busy so far this year.

"We busted several people for cocaine and methamphetamines here recently," said Narcotics Special Agent Kevin Lee.

Lee says this time of the year is partly to blame for the increase drug busts.

"We've been a lot more busy lately because at the beginning of the year, with tax returns coming back, a lot of the times people have more money to spend that they normally don't have."

Just last week, the narcotic division busted four suspects in four separate incidents, all in one day. Lee says the age of suspects usually varies depending on their drug of choice.

"You get some older folks especially with methamphetamines and marijuana. But usually people who party usually party from about nineteen to thirty, somewhere around there."

But an increase in spending money isn't the only reason Lee says there have been so many drug busts.

"Every county or community you're always going to have some drugs," explained Lee. "The one thing you can say about us is that we have an aggressive police department, sheriff's department, and drug squad. So we're out looking for people who are breaking the law and using and selling illegal drugs."

And they're helping to ensure the beautiful streets of the Rose City stay clean and drug free.

Special Agent Kevin Lee says he expects to make more drug busts as the tax season continues and people get more refund money.

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