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Camilla brothers arrested with ten pounds+ of marijuana

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Albany Dougherty Drug Agents say they're seeing more large shipments of marijuana meant to be broken down for sale on the streets of south Georgia.

The two brothers crashed their pickup truck into two cars trying to get away from Albany Dougherty Drug Agents Friday night, and then led them on a foot chase before they were finally captured.  Agents say they may have been drunk when they were grabbed.

This is the more than ten point two pounds of marijuana seized Friday night in the Subway parking lot in South Dougherty County.  It would be worth $46,000 on the streets.  Also seized, $3,923 in cash, and the 2004 Chevrolet pickup truck they were driving. 

Both bumpers are dented, where 29 year old Curtis Donaldson and his 24 year old brother Patrick Donaldson tried to get away when surrounded by drug agents.

"They tried to back out striking one of our cars, and then another car.  They fled on foot and officers were able to chase them down just a few hundred feet away and capture them," said A.D.D.U. Commander Major Bill Berry.

The marijuana was found wrapped in a garbage bag in the back seat, along with a old style taser device.  Agents say the marijuana is tightly packed, leading them to believe it was recently imported from Mexico.

"By the shapes of it, almost looks like a 4 by 4, and this one looks like a 2 by 4.  And you can see where some was broken off to obviously get these weights," Berry said.
Agents say they have seen more 9 and 10 pound busts in recent months, because it is marijuana season.

 "The crops have been harvested, in the late fall, and being packaged and shipped out," Berry said.

ADDU drug agents say Mitchell County Sheriff's Office and GBI Agents helped investigate this case in recent weeks, and will now continue to try to trace where the Donaldson brothers got the dope. 
Because the brothers had more than ten pounds of marijuana they are charged with the larger offense of trafficking, which carries a ten year mandatory prison sentence if convicted. They are being held in the Dougherty County jail.

Because of the cash and the way the marijuana was broken, agents suspect the brothers had already sold part of the shipment before they were caught.


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