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Thomasville makes high utility bills affordable

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Heating bills from the record-setting winter cold weather are hitting mailboxes now. For some, that could pose financial hardships.

No one likes opening their mailbox to reveal a stack of bills. But it's even more discouraging when one of those bills is much higher than usual.

"We saw an average of 50 to 100% increase in bills," said Thomasville City Manager Steve Sykes. "It would be the customers that have very little insulation or didn't manage their thermostats during the cold weather that will see a significant increase in power bills."

The bills going out this month include the days Thomasville hit peaks in electric demand when the morning lows were in the teens.

Sykes continued, "We've designed this program around people's bills who will have those 3 days in their bill."

City officials announced Thursday that Thomasville Utilities will provide extensions on extremely high utility bills resulting from the recent frigid temperatures. Word traveled fast and one happy customer even interrupted our interview.

Caller: "Thanks for helping us and putting it in the papers so everyone will know!"

The payment extension does have some stipulations.

The extension only applies to the amount in excess of the customer's previous month's bill with that difference being spread out over the next three bills. And to be eligible for the extension, customers must be in good standing and must pay the first installment of the extension by the due date of the bill.

But even with the stipulations, Thomasville Utility customers say the timing of the extension couldn't be better.

Thomasville Utility customer Allyson Singletary said, "It will help out my family being able to divide it into three payments because we're in the process of moving and that'll help."

And it will help when you have to open the mailbox again to send a payment check back.

The payment extension plan isn't automatic, so customers wishing to participate in the extension must formally request it.

For more information about the bill extension you can call the City of Thomasville Utilities at (229) 227-7001.


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