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Tornado Deja vu



March 20, 2003

South Georgia-- It has happened again. Deadly tornadoes in a part of South Georgia that has been through this kind of devastation before.

Loved ones of six people are mourning their deaths, dozens of people are recovering from injuries, and two counties are under a state of emergency.   

A storm system ripped through south Georgia before dawn this morning. It spawned several tornadoes and killed six people and injured more than 200.

There was damage in Camilla, Bridgeboro, Irwinville, and Fitzgerald. The worst damage is in Camilla where four people were killed. The hospital there treated 57 people Thursday morning, with dozens more suffering minor injuries. As many as 75 homes in Mitchell County were damaged or destroyed.  

This is the same area hit by a deadly Valentine's Day tornado three years ago. In the Worth County community of Bridgeboro, two people were killed, and three others were hurt.

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