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Public employees are deployed

^  Larry Hanson, City Manager ^ Larry Hanson, City Manager

March 20, 2003

Valdosta - City workers are going about their day to day duties in Valdosta, minus several valuable employees deployed to the Middle East.

"At one point, 12 of our city employees were deployed, but we currently have seven employees gone," said Larry Hanson, City Manager.

At the Valdosta Police Department, 12 officers were deployed at one time. Now only two are gone, but one got his orders to leave Thursday morning, and more could be going any day now.

"We have several officers in the Air Force Reserves and the National Guard, so we have the potential of being without 14 of our officers," said Commander Steven Heaton.

Add to that shortage two public works employees, one firefighters, a city Marshall, and a certified water monitor. The city has made some major adjustments to accommodate the lack of staffing.

"We've had to shift some duties from one department to the next, and some employees are doing overtime to make up for the loss," said Hanson.

But despite the absence of the employees, city leaders say their job will be done just as effectively as if they were here. "The great thing about this city is we're a family, and while this brave man is defending our country, we're going to make up for the loss so he doesn't have to worry about his job here," said Mara Register, Community Development Director.

While their co-workers are hoping for a safe and quick return, they assure those who are deployed they'll take care of their duties and families until they're back home.

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