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Gun advocates want answers from lawmakers

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  As more Georgians buy guns and apply to carry permits, state lawmakers consider two bills that would expand the places those owners can carry their weapons.

Senate Bill 308 would allow permitted gun owners to carry everywhere except government buildings, courtrooms, jails, college dorms, and schools.

One group says even those restrictions would go too far. Members of want the state to clear up confusion in current law.

"They say you can't carry a firearm to a public gathering but there is no clear definition what a public gathering is," fundraising Chairman Chuck Turney said. 

Georgia Carry leaders say legal gun owners should be able to have their guns with them pretty much anywhere. In fact, they say schools would also be safer if faculty and staff members could bring guns to school.

"If someone came into a high school and open-fired,  that could have been stopped by an armed faculty member also," Turney said.

"I don't think they should be allowed inside any public place what so ever," said Albany High Freshman Asha McPhauf. "They're unimportant and all they do is cause fuss and they're not very necessary at all."

Lanier Harrison disagrees. He says gun free zones like Albany High only threaten the safety of people who obey the law.

"Gun free zones will affect us, not criminals, and there's not a law you can write that's going to stop a criminal," Harrison said.

But he hopes Georgia legislators will write a law that allows him to carry his gun in more places. The director of says crime would go down if Georgians could carry guns at schools and other places where they are currently prohibited.

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