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Irwin County suffers storm damage



March 20, 2003
by Jennifer Hulsey

 Irwinville-- Witnesses say they saw a tornado touch down in Irwinville.

The twister hit this brick house on Buchanon Road about 6:30 Thursday morning, scattering chunks of the home, and even throwing a toilet across the yard.

“I came over here to check my farm over there to see if I had any damage and run into all this. This is almost unbelievable ain’t it?" asked Carroll Singletree, who owns a near-by farm.

A mangled car shed dangles from a tree, and absolutely nothing is left of a barn that sat in the backyard. The house was actually for sale, so no one was home when disaster struck.

 The twister sped right over aother house on the same road. It ripped apart the frame and parts of the roof, exposing a wrecked utility room and carport. Pieces of a brick house now lie on the driveway and in some nearby woods.

"I think the way the wind was swirling, it got in that garage and sort of exploded. It was pretty rough wind," said Randy Dill, the Owner's Nephew.

Fortunately, no one was home. This house also was for sale. Two sisters owned the homes, but they recently moved to Tifton. 

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