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Tifton man raises money to find family in Haiti

A Tifton man with more than 50 family members in Haiti is reaching out to the public for help.

Maceus Alphonse says his elderly mother, brothers and sister evacuated to an island after the earthquake.

He says they don't have much food, water, or shelter and he's worried about their safety.

"This is my mother and I love my mother dearly," said Maceus Alphonse.

Family pictures remind Marcus Alphonse of just how many relatives in Haiti need his help.

Dozens of his family members, including his mother, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews are believed to be in trouble.

"Well my mother is out there on the street they have no water no food no resources to survive," said Alphonse.

His brother told him his 72-year old mother, brothers and sisters evacuated from the earthquake to an Island west of Port Au Prince.

"They don't have anything, he said my mother is not doing well," said Alphonse.

He cant imagine his elderly mother surviving long without shelter, light, food and water.

"The only thing I can see is God is keeping them alive," said Alphonse.

And he's prepared to do whatever it takes to help them.

"I said Americans sent a van down there and he said he hasn't seen anything, so I said I'll do all I can," said Alphonse.

He doesn't have enough money to make the trip, so he's reaching out the public for help.

"This really bothers me day and night. Sometimes I wake up thinking about it with tears running in my eyes," said Alphonse.

He's typed up letters explaining the situation and he plans on dropping them off at businesses

"I plan to go to the Dominican Republic and buy some food and water. I may have to get a private vehicle to Haiti and take it to the island down there so I can help them to survive," said Alphonse.

He says he will wont give up until he reaches his goal and he and his family are reunited again.

He says he's researched some flights and they range anywhere from 700 dollars on up.

He says he knows enough people in Haiti, and he is confident once he makes it to the Dominican Republic he can find some way to Haiti and to his families whereabouts.

If you would like to donate:

First Community Bank of Tifton

Maceus Alphonse

Travel to Haiti Contribution

229-256-7311 for more information

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