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Same Mitchell area devastated again

March 20, 2003

Mitchell County-- The Red Cross and the Salvation Army are on the scene at Goodson Road, the hardest hit area of Mitchell County, offering food and water to the victims.

Many of the victims are hanging close to what is left of their homes, still sifting through the debris, trying to find things, especially sentimental items. Chain saws roar as the cleanup of the downed trees has begun and will continue for weeks, and a light rain has started to fall.

The tornado came through about between 4:30AM and 5:00AM, concentrating most of the damage on Goodson Road, which was similarly devastated in February of 2000. An insurance spokesman says that as many as 100 people have been treated for some types of injuries, including puncture wounds from flying glass.

Governor Sonny Perdue will fly over the stricken area this afternoon to asses the damage. This could go down in history as one of Georgia’s biggest natural disasters, certainly running into the many millions of dollars. Many of the victims had no insurance.

The governor issued this statement from Atlanta: "Reports from officials in Mitchell and Worth counties indicate that both areas have experienced significant damage. I am deeply saddened and concerned for the residents of these counties, their families, their homes and their businesses," said Governor Perdue.

"I have authorized the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to lead statewide efforts to fully assess the damage sustained. Upon receipt of the information, I will talk to GEMA Director Mike Sherberger to determine what level of assistance we can provide our fellow Georgians during their time of need."

Governor Perdue has plans to tour meet with the press this afternoon at 2:45 in Camilla.

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