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Death toll rises to six following storm

^Tornado damage near Bridgeboro, in Worth Co. ^Tornado damage near Bridgeboro, in Worth Co.
^Aerial view of Mitchell Co. damage ^Aerial view of Mitchell Co. damage

March 20, 2003

 (Camilla-AP) -- Six people are dead and at least 25 injured after a tornado touched down before daybreak in two counties in southwest Georgia.

Four people were killed in Mitchell County. At least one person was missing. Authorities in Worth County say two people were killed and several injured near the rural community of Bridgeboro.

Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins says the tornado entered from the southwest and cut a streak about ten miles long through the county. He says it left a path of of severe damage up to 300 yards wide.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Lisa Ray says initial reports indicate several tornadoes may have been in the area. About seven to nine homes were damaged, and three mobile homes were destroyed in Worth County. Tompkins says damages will be in the millions of dollars.

In Mitchell County, the twister carved a quarter-mile swath of damage south of Camilla, knocking down trees and destroying buildings.

This is the same area where a tornado struck on Valentine's Day 2000, killing eleven people in Camilla. It was one of three deadly twisters that ripped through the region before dawn, killing 20 people in all.

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