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No teacher furloughs, for now

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The Dougherty County School Board voted Wednesday to table the issue of furloughing teachers for an additional three days this school year.

The system has been told by the state that it will lose money for three days pay for state funded teachers.

The administration recommended furloughs for all teachers and 12-month staffers. Wednesday, Board members asked staff to look into alternative ways to cut costs without furloughing teachers again. That will be difficult, if not impossible.

Teacher salaries make up about $77 Million of the budget. Total salary costs in the system are around $96 Million.

"There are some gray areas," said R. D. Harter said Public Information Director. "There are some questionable times that we could use to provide furlough days. I think the staff took due diligence in studying different alternatives but the recommendation, it's worth hearing the board and the concerns of their constituents."

Bus drivers, bus monitors and crossing guards, who only work the 180 days students are in class, so far, haven't been considered for furloughs.


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