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Explaining war to children

March 19 2003
Albany- Now that the United States has gone to war, many of you will face hard-to-answer questions from your children.

Experts say how you approach the topic depends on your child's age. For pre-schoolers, it's better to us simple terms such as scary and sad.

For elementary age children, you should initiate the conversation and find out what they know. They're more likely to think about war, but the least likely to talk about it.

"The most important thing to do is to reassure them of their safety as best we can and let them know that people in Washington and our leaders are doing things to make sure we're safe and try to make sure things like this don't happen ever again," said Therapist Judy Payne.

 Payne says this is also an important time to clear up any stereotypes your children may be hearing from other kids.

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