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Three day weekend boosts morale

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Dougherty County Public Works employees say their four-day work week is working well. They've been at it for a year. They went to the shorter week after fuel prices spiked, and managers say it has saved money and improved morale.

While most people are thankful to have the opportunity to work, Reginald Cody will tell you, he actually looks forward to going to work in the mornings.

He said, "I feel good about coming to work."

Cody runs heavy equipment for Dougherty County public works. "This is one of the pieces of equipment I operate right here."

For four years, he worked on machines like this five days a week. Now, he gets every Friday off. He said, "Friday, Saturday, Sunday, three days off. That's just good."

Last year, the county switched public works employees to four, 10 hour days.  Cody said, "Everybody loves that. All the employees love that."

While boosting morale wasn't the intent of the change, it's certainly a result.  He said, "I love it. I'm dedicated to my job."

Donnell Mathis is one of the managers at Public Works. He says four day work weeks put smiles on faces and keep money in the bank. Mathis said, "Four day work weeks are working out fine for us. It's saving us money because we don't have to operate our equipment on Fridays."

And employees don't have to take off during the week for doctors appointments and personal errands. They have an extra day to get those tasks taken care of.

Cody said, "It's a blessing for me, because I can be home with my family on a Friday, spend time with my kids."

More time with the people he loves, Before coming back to the job he loves on Monday.

One shift of public works employees does work on Fridays to respond to any emergency calls. If there is a major event, employees will be called in to work overtime on their off days to take care of problems.

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