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15-year old inmate captured quickly after escape

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

BEN HILL COUNTY, GA (WALB) –A 15-year old suspect escaped from the Ben Hill County Sheriff's office when he was taken from a holding cell to the restroom in the lobby.

Thanks to the quick work of officers and a good Samaritan he wasn't gone for long.

These scars are a reminder of David McCall's unusual drive to work.

"I got a couple scratches on the head and the neck and a couple on the forehead," said McCall.

He was driving by the Ben Hill County Sheriff's office when out of nowhere a man, wearing no shoes rolled out into the road.

"At first I didn't know what the guy was doing when he rolled out into the road but once I saw the jailer I pretty much got the idea he had escaped," said McCall.

Investigators say a 15-year old inmate asked to go to the restroom and took it as an opportunity to escape.

McCall stopped his truck and took off running after the inmate not knowing what exactly was going on.

"Trying to jump over the barbwire fence I got a couple injuries trying to go into the woods," said McCall.

Meanwhile, inside the sheriff's office investigators were just learning of the all the action outside.

"I kind of panicked and I hollered at the other girl in the office," said Beverly Bullock.

Beverly Bullock works up front, an noticed the inmate take off like a bolt of lightening through the lobby.

"I went over to the investigators and said the juvenile is gone! He escaped! They said what do you mean and I said he's gone out the front door," said Bullock.

Investigators say they are thankful McCall was driving by

"That was actually pretty strange not the normal drive to work," said McCall.

 And managed to help get ahold of him before he got too far.

"I had one hand placed across his neck and another one on his back," said McCall.

He is currently detained at the Eastman Regional Youth Detention Center.

This morning the 15-year old had his first appearance and the judge denied him bond.

He now faces additional charges because of the escape.

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