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Underage alcohol sales

March 19, 2003

ALBANY -  Eighteen Albany store clerks are facing jail time for selling alcohol to minors.

More than one hundred dollars worth of alcohol was bought over a two day period last week. The Underage Drinking Law Enforcement team says the 45 stores checked this time did better than last year. Only 40 percent sold to minors, but city leaders say that's still too many. Especially since eight of the clerks actually checked the i.d.s clearly marked under 21 and sold it anyway.

"It's something that's the most preventable crime there is," Ken Hodges, District Attorney, said. "All we got to do is prevent alcohol from getting into hands of minors, and we could if clerks card them and not sell it to them."

The clerks charged face minimums from one to ten days in jail depending on whether it's their first offense.

Below is a list of stores that SOLD alcohol to UNDER AGE under­cover agents:

Group A-

1-Roadrunner 3333 Sylvester Rd
2- Quick Stop ( Amoco ) 716 Johnson Rd.
3- Marathon 326 S. Mock Rd ( clerk checked id and still sold )
4- Thriftmart 2401 N. Brierwood Dr ( clerk checked id and still sold )
5-Petro 2400 Clark Ave (clerk checked id and still sold)
6-S & B Quick Stop1800 E. Broad Ave (clerk checked id and still sold)
7-Inland 814 N. Jefferson St.
8-Enmark 610 S. Slappey

Group B-

1-Homerun Foods 406 Philema Rd.
2- Cravey's Bait & Tackle 200 Philema Rd.
3- Express Lane 2500 N. Jefferson St.
4- Stock's 104 Philema Rd.
5- Dora's Beer & Wine 1326 US 19
6- Oasis 5400 Newton Rd. (clerk carded u/c and still sold )
7- Inland 1541 Mock Rd. (clerk carded u/c and still sold)
8- Enmark 2424 Clark Ave. (clerk carded u/c and still sold)
9-Jack Rabbitt Foods 310 Cordele Rd. (clerk carded u/c and still sold)
10- Enmark 2800 N. Slappey

Stores who did not sell to minors will be getting certificates. 

The clerk checked ID, and refused to sell-
1- Acree Package Store 4500 Sylvester Rd
2- County Line Grocery 4405 Acree Rd
3- Quick Buys 3522 Sylvester Rd
4-Express Lane 3000 Sylvester Rd
5-Petro 700 Cordele Rd
6-Speed Go Gas 224 Johnson Rd
7-West Food Mart 233 Cordele Rd
8-Stop And Shop 2609 Sylvester Rd
9-Homerun Foods 1621 E. Oglethorpe Blvd.
10-Dixie Food Store 1400 E Broad Ave
11-Petro/Quick Way Foodmart 700 Radium Spring Rd
12-Amoco Foodstop 230 E Oglethorpe Blvd
13-Dolly Store 1801W Gordon Ave
14-Havmor Store 2200 W Gordon Ave
15-Sunrise Pantry 2701 Gillionville Rd
16-Jack Rabbit BP 2340 Dawson Rd
17-Homerun Eoods 2722 Dawson Rd
18-Flash Foods 2447 N Salppey Blvd
19-Sunrise Pantry 1411 N Slappey
20-Woodalls 1500 N Slappey Blvd

Clerk Asked For ID--
1- Express Lane 2336 US 19
2- Stop & Shop 2201 US 19
3- Sunshine Pantry 4324 Radium Springs Rd
4-Radium Springs Food Mart 2524 Radium Springs Rd.
5-Express Lane 5736 Newton Rd.
6- Homerun Foods 1002-A Oakridge Dr.
7- Flash Foods 300 E. Oakridge

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