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Flag etiquette

March 19, 2003

ALBANY - It's a war that could start any day now, and one with which not every South Georgian agrees. But most of us love our country and those who defend it, and are finding a way to express that.

"They realize this is a time when people want american flags to show patriotism," Lowe's Asst. Mgr. Raymond Simmons said.

That's why Lowe's is sending out huge shipments to it's stores. One arrived in Albany today as they prepared a display at the storefront. Small flags are sure to be popping up all over town. One Albany store sold out of all three hundred of theirs since the President issued his ultimatum.

"That flag to me represents that I went to Vietnam and fought for that flag which represents U.S.A. which is one fine country to live in," veteran  Don Zirkelbach said.

He and the rest of the V-F-W want to make sure first time flag fliers know what they're doing so here's some advice. If you're hoisting it on a pole raise it briskly and don't let it touch the ground. Unless you have an all-weather flag, don't leave it out in a storm.  When the sun sets it's time to lower the flag, unless it's properly lighted. Once your flag becomes worn or faded you should replace it. The V-F-W and American Legion each have flag retirement ceremonies where the flag is burned and the ashes are buried.

"By not dragging along ground and by not leaving it up all night long you are paying the proper respect to flag that represents the United States." A flag flying at more South Georgia homes each day.

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